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Recover data of any kind from your iPods using iPod data recovery tool

Unable to access the data stored within your iPod and looking for a perfect solution to recover data from iPods! Kernel for iPod is an advanced and professional data recovery tool that accurately recovers data stored from iPods. This iPod data recovery software recovers photos, videos, audio files, books, images, documents, podcasts, and MP3 music files from iPods with complete accuracy. Some error messages you might face while trying to access the iPod:

  • Failed to locate supported file types or there are no photos found on this device
  • The iPod ** cannot be updated, the required folder cannot be found
  • Disk is locked
  • iTunes folder cannot be found
  • Firmware update failure. Disk write error.
  • Attempting to copy to the disk <iPod name> failed. The disk could not be read from or written to.


Situations creating iPod Data Recovery:
  • “My iPod is Frozen”
  • “iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode – Use iTunes to restore”
  • “My iPod displays Sad Face Icon or Broken Hard Drive on iPod screen”
  • “My iPod displays Exclamation Mark Icon”
  • Perform recovery for bad iTunes Auto-Sync
iPod Data Recovery Tool – Three Data Recovery Modes:
  • Standard Scan: A quick data recovery mode that quickly scans the selected iPod drive and recovers recently deleted iPod files.
  • Advance Scan: A robust and slow mode of data recovery that recovers every iPod file in situations when iPod could not be recognized, is inaccessible, gets frozen, and displays sad face icon or exclamation mark. Select this mode only in case when Standard Scan mode fails to provide the desired results.
  • Raw Scan: Slower data recovery mode than Standard Scan and Advance Scan modes; performs raw recovery from the iPod drive and scans every sector of the drive. This mode recovers files in any corruption case even in case the iPod gets recognized as drive letter.
Steps to recover iPod Data :
  1. Connect the iPod through the USB Port of your PC.
  2. Launch Kernel Recovery for iPod.
  3. Select among the Recovery Mode: Standard Scan, Advance Scan, or Raw Scan.
  4. Perform successful iPod data recovery.
  5. Save the recovered items.

iPod Data Recovery Tool – What you get more!
  • Use existing partition info: It performs recovery from the existing partitions information on the drive.
  • Search Partition: It performs search to locate missing and deleted partitions from the drive and then perform the iPod data recovery.
  • Recover Selected: Select this option to recover and save the selected files and folders listed by the software.
  • Save Snapshot: This option lets user save the snapshot of the scanned drive. The scanned process gets saved in .KER file. Later the saved .KER snapshot can be easily reloaded that saves the re-scanning time of the drive.
  • Load Snapshot: This option loads the saved snapshot file (.KER) to Kernel Recovery for iPod.
  • Find Files: Select this option to find specific file(s) from the recovered file(s). For example, you need to view .gif files, in such case, type *.gif in Find Files windows and Kernel Recovery for iPod will display all the GIF file(s) amongst the recovered results.
  • File Filters: Select this option to filter the search process of file(s) amongst the recovered files. For example, you need to view .mp3 music file(s) from thousands of recovered files. Define the file filter for .mp3 file(s) and all the music files will be listed.
  • Settings: This option allows defining recovery settings including specifying sectors to read in a single attempt, setting of duplicate files (rename/overwrite/skip duplicate files), setting for deleted files, and setting for bad sectors by specifying number of retries on bad sectors.
  • Drive Information: This option provides information about the selected drive.
  • Live Update: Select this option to update Kernel Recovery for iPod with the latest updated version.
iPod Data Recovery Tool - Supported Versions:

Supported All Apple iPod models ; iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Mini, iPod Touch, Hard drive based, touch screen and video capable iPods.

Supported Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

IPod Data Recovery tool - Try Before You Buy!- Download free demo version of iPod data recovery software and evaluate the capabilities of the software before deciding to purchase the full licensed version. The free demo version accurately recovers data from iPods, displays preview of recovered files, but restricts from saving them. To save the recovered items, user must purchase full licensed version of iPod data recovery software.


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Salient Features
  • Offers option to view listed recovered files in Icons like view, List like view or detailed view with complete information.
  • Displays files that were deleted from the iPod and are now recovered in RED color.
  • Supports recovery of Archive, Document, Database, Email, Graphics, Sound, Media, Internet, CAD, and Other files.
  • Takes care of all kind of iPod data issues such as frozen iPod, iPod restored, iPod Sad Face icon, iPod Exclamation mark, and Bad iTunes Auto-sync.
  • Supports data recovery from all Apple iPod models.
  • Available as a free trial version.
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